Life’s Journey Through the In-between

Are you soaring high, struggling or it is fairly average?  When I last wrote about an in-between period it was fairly average with some learning and growth.  This one is very different.


This in-between is teaching me new lessons and in part I am soaring as a result. During  the previous in-between I was trying to get to the end although it was a time of trust and obedience during this in-between it is responsibility, urgency and releasing.  I am trusting God for how all these things come together.

The previous in-between was probably easier as there was no expectations as I was waiting for the next key moment.  This time there is an expectation with a very steep learning curve.   This time it is a combination of waiting and doing as I am starting / launching a new ministry called Reach Out and it starts with an evangelism training school.  This means that I am the one responsible for what happens, a very different in-between.

Reach Out Logo

I am at the stage where everything is starting to become tangible but yet still a way off  with so much to do.  I am aware of the work load and do not want to miss something in the moment as small things often go past unnoticed but can be significant.  I also do not want to loose quality in the process.

I have also found that during this in-between my priorities have changed which at times is difficult because it affecting things like my writing.  The way I have dealt with the change is to blog less frequently until my schedule changes .  During this new period I am so excited of what is to come and cannot wait, but the whole point of the in-between is to enjoy the wait.

So what have a learned to date?

I have learned that it is ok for things to change, enjoy the time, trust God for the unknown and step out into new territories with authority.

As I have written this I have wondered if I would change anything or do anything any different and on reflection I wouldn’t because I have had conversations and done things I wouldn’t have otherwise done.  Although some of the changes are quite daunting the excitement is growing.  At times I feel like a plant that is being filmed and its grow shown at a fast pace.

To sum everything up I would say ‘the in-between  enhances the end’

If you have been through an in-between and are going through one I would love to hear your thoughts, so please comment below.


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