How did I gain perspective?

Perspective is something that can to hard to gain.  If we are too close everything is out of proportion, if we are too far away we cannot see correctly either


I was recently in a situation where the problem appeared huge, as a result I felt so inferior and useless that I couldn’t see a way out.  I carried on to my next appointment and realized I was not able to open the building for the people hiring the  the building.  This just added to the way I felt.  Whilst I was waiting for replies to various text messages I sent I went for a drive and it was during this time that my perspective changed.

1. Why did my perspective change?

My perspective started to change because my view point had changed.  At the beginning I was self orientated, it was ‘a woe is me’ moment.  After a while I realized that I wasn’t doing myself any favours and turned to the One person who could help, so I prayed.  I started to gain Christ’s perspective on the situation.  After praying I was able to hold a conversation that minutes before I couldn’t have done.

2. Time

Time helped to change my perspective because it gave me an opportunity to pray and process what had happened.  Also friends were phoning later to see how I was, and with the Lord’s strength I was much better.  Sometimes we can see time or the lack of it as our enemy when it can actually be our friend.

The last of the points to help change your perspective is….


I am thankful for my friends.  In this situation one of my friends opened up for me and another rang and completed the change, their words along with the prayers


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