Foundations and are they essential

At work in recent weeks we have been doing some renovations, the latest being concreting the forecourt.  when I was first told what we would be doing I thought “no problem its not too much” until we started and then I changed my mind very quickly.  I knew we had to prepare the ground and remove the old and broken concrete before the new arrived.  The process was time consuming and difficult to get right.  Once the forecourt was complete I saw how this transposed into our christian walk, and this is what I gleaned.

This is the forecourt we concreted
This is the forecourt we concreted

The first thing we had to do was to dig up the bad concrete and some of the soil.  The purpose of this was to enable us to use some of the rubble to create a good foundation.  To make sure there wasn’t any holes the area had to be compacted to make the foundation solid.

This is the same in our walk with Christ.  If we do not lay good foundations of reading His Word and prayer when the storms of life come along there is nothing to stand on as it has all been washed away.  As we were doing the work it made me think of the wise and foolish man and how they built on rock and sand.


To get the foundations right followed by laying the concrete took time and effort.  It wasn’t just one person doing the work there was many people.  If we had tried to do the job with only one or two people it would have taken much longer and made it an almost impossible task.  When it came to who did what, we got people working to their strengths.  It was no good getting someone to empty the wheel barrow if they couldn’t tip it to empty it (which was me), I was given a shovel or a broom both I could use effectively.

In our christian life it is no different.  Each of us has a role to play within church life.  For some that means an up front role i.e. preaching for others it is cleaning or I.T. which most people do not see or appreciate at times, but all roles are equally as important.  In last Sunday’s sermon the analogy was used about a jigsaw puzzle that was 5000 pieces but when the person completed it discovered there was only 4999 pieces.  You could see the picture and you had doubt but all that stood out was the missing piece.  The missing piece is us if we are not playing our part, my part in recent weeks was to use a shovel and a broom.

This week there are 2 questions.

1- Have you laid the foundations or are they a little flimsy?

2- Are you playing your part whatever that may be?

Please feel free to comment below about either question, it would be great to hear from you.


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