Revelation: What have you uncovered?

I was chatting with a friend over coffee about a project I am doing and we started talking about other things too.  During our chat there was a moment of revelation.  For me it brought clarity to a situation I was facing.


Is there a situation that you are facing that you feel needs some insight.

Are you actively seeking revelation?

I was seeking revelation with regards to the situation I was in but I wasn’t getting anywhere.  I was so busy trying to find a solution that I wasn’t looking in the right place, nor was it the right time.  God’s timing is perfect.

Do you truly want revelation?

At the time I thought I did.  As time went on I realised I was happy not to rock the boat and had stopped seeking revelation.  I had gotten comfortable in my comfort zone, and wasn’t sure that I wanted to hear.

What is revelation?

Revelation is something that has been hidden and now revealed.  Once something has been revealed there is no going back, it cannot be hidden again.  This means there are questions to ask once revelation has occurred and this was exactly what I had to do.

What effect has the revelation had?


1-The words spoken penetrated like an arrow and I knew that this was the answer. I also knew that this wasn’t the end there was more to be revealed if I let it.

2-It has also allowed me to think beyond the end of the week because I couldn’t before.

3-The stress I was feeling has melted away like wax and I feel so at peace.

4-A freedom, although I have the same freedom to do things as I did before the coffee but my perspective has changed, I am looking at Christ in the centre of it all and not the problem.  I thought I was focused on Christ but now see that is was on my terms not His.

5-The question that needed to be answered has been but that in turn has led to others but in a good way.  These are ones I should have asked before the revelation but didn’t in case I didn’t like the answer.

Are you ready for fresh revelation?

My revelation came when I was least expecting it, in a local coffee shop not in church or my time personally with God.  Christ can move where ever and when ever He chooses.

My advice is to trust Christ and focus on Him on His terms not yours and see how that changes your perspective in your situation.

If you have had a revelation please feel free to share in the comments box below.  It would be good to hear from you.


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