Hospital, Patients and Christ

I have been spending a fair amount of time in my local hospital due to a sick family member, due to the age of the patients they cannot always remember what has been said to them.  This can be a little frustrating but also encouraging when they do remember something.  The one thing I noticed whilst I was sat in the ward is that they were all waiting for something, with some more patient than others.  The patient ones are willing to wait and get well others just want to leave prematurely.


How often do we leave prematurely?

An impatient, patient wants to be somewhere else, do we sometimes leave a time with God early and miss something that He wants to do in our lives.

Does this have an effect?

For the patient it could mean a longer stay in hospital but what does mean for us?  Sometimes we do not notice any effect on other occasions Christ may gently encourage us to go back.

The visitor:

The visitor has a special part to play they can see what is going on and encourage the patient to stay where they are.  The Holy Spirit can do that for us.  He can and does encourage us to stay in the presence of God.

The Doctor:

The doctor is the one who knows what the patient needs to get better and what care is required.  Christ knows what we need, and not what we want.  He knows how to care for us and what to do and how.

Care staff e.g. nurses

These offer additional help to the healing process, an encouraging word or assistance when necessary.  These are christian friends and church family.

Do you need all of the above?

Could you manage in hospital without a nurse and doctor with only your visitors to nurse you back to health, I’m not sure you would get better very quickly if at all.  Every person has a part to play.

I mentioned earlier that it was good when a patient remembered something that was said to them.  sometimes we forget what Christ has said to us and through the care of the doctor, visitors and nurses we can remember what has been said to us.

If you have spent time in hospital is there any lessons you have learnt, if so please feel free to comment below.


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