Creation’s Story

One day recently I was walking down my path and due to the grass, sorry weeds growing there is a thistle growing.  as I walked past I noticed bees collecting pollen.  I was amazed at the intricacies of creation and although there were several bees they were all different as was the thistle with different shapes and shades of colour.

DSCI0876-1On seeing this it reminded me of how God created everything and how individual each and every plant and bee is.

We too are individual and I wrote a few weeks ago about being unique or lemming but this picture led on to having purpose.  The bees had a purpose which was to collect honey, we too have a purpose.  Sometimes our purpose isn’t obvious and we have to wait on God and see his plan and purpose unfold.  There are others that know what their purpose in Christ is.  Both scenarios can be frustrating because with one you can see where you want to go but there are obstacles in our way or frustration because you cannot see where He is leading.

The times in between can be times of learning, growth and intimacy with Christ,  friends, family and colleagues enabling  you to take others with you and helping them grow as you do.

1- take time to look at God’s creation

2- spend time with Christ

3- spend time with family and friend etc

4- enjoy the learning

5- take others with you on the journey

This is how something that should have been cut down sparked something important in my life.  Make the most of each opportunity has it comes your way.


If there is anything that you would like to add then feel free to comment below


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