Lessons from MotoGP

I was at the Silverstone watching the Moto GP racing with family and I should have taken notes as I found many similarities between the riders and our christian walk.  I was astounded with what these guys could do with a bike,it is one thing watching on television but another seeing it in person.

Here are some of the items that came to mind.

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1- Trust– They trusted the bike, people on the pit wall and the mechanics, if they didn’t they couldn’t throw the bikes around like they do.  If the rider didn’t have complete trust in every aspect they wouldn’t be able to race as there would be too much doubt.

We need to trust God implicitly as He will never fail us, we fail Him but He never reminds us.


2-Confidence– This is something that riders oozed.  When you saw them on the screens in interviews or sat in their pit garages they were confident they they could get the job done.  For some that meant fighting for 7th or 8th place, there wasn’t any doubt about what they had to achieve.

At times we lack confidence in ourselves to do the task Christ has called us to.  Our confidence should be in Him as He is the one who chose us for the task.  Christ has confidence in us we should trust Him.


3- Commitment– All of the riders, whether it is in the GP races or the rookie cup each was committed to get the job done.  At times there were so committed they fell of the track.  Sometimes it was their fault on other occasions it was the fault of others.  This doesn’t stop them from achieving their goal. They wouldn’t get up in the morning and say ‘sorry I’m not racing today as I do not feel like it’ if they did they wouldn’t be racing for that team for very long.

We sometimes take the commitment to Christ lightly. Christ died on a cross for us, the ultimate commitment.  We can sometimes feel the draw of others around us to take us off track or something catches our eye or takes our attention. We need to keep committed to Christ at all times He didn’t give up and our bad days will never be as bad as His.


Some basic truths learned during my weekend at Silverstone and ones that I am taking into this new season.

What truths have you learned from watching motor racing on two or four wheels? Please feel free to comment below.


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