How do you communicate?

In this world full of technology we have numerous ways to communicate, such as mobile phones, social media, email, messenger of all types, texting and faxing which very archaic in comparison.   I am of an age where I can remember the first fax that was sent.  At the time it was incredible that a letter could getting to another office without leaving the office.  Another occasion was the first time I was asked to text back,  I didn’t know my phone could.


If you could only take one piece of technology away with you what would it be?

For me I would be torn between my phone and my tablet, but I think my tablet would win because it is more versatile.  I would have to take all the accessories with it thou.

Does technology supersede personal contact?

For me I am sad to say technology has taken over.  I do not see people as often as I use to, I would now send a text instead.  On the other hand because of technology I have kept in touch with friends that I otherwise would have lost contact with as them either lived away or abroad.  At times I know that I could have visited someone in the time I spend on the phone or sending messages.

Do we need to change our habits?

I am in the process of prioritizing my week because when a friend came to stay I was able to accomplish more.  At the time of her visit there were certain tasks that had a time constraint, this meant I had to re assess time spent with emails and social media.  I have only just started and the results are already positive as I have been able to spend time with family.


Vocal or text?

If you are not able to see someone face to face what option do you take?  For me I would rather pick up a phone and call someone rather than text.  I sometimes go to send a text and give up and ring because some things cannot be said via text.  In my 9-5 job I have to communicate with a wide variety of people from other employees, bosses, reps, suppliers and anyone else you have to deal with when you manage a company.  I have noticed that people are loosing the art of verbal communication, I ring they email back.  This is getting more commonplace some websites do not have a phone number.

All of this has made me appreciate that we do not have to make an appointment, leave a message or send a text when we want to speak to the Lord.  He is always available and He is wanting us to speak with Him, we just have to make time.

I would be interested to hear your thoughts.

Please comment below.


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