Unique or Lemming

Unique is a word that has stood out in so many ways this week.  It has made me ask the question whether the word unique is over used. This led onto thinking about a game called lemmings which was the in game to be played a number of years ago and how there wasn’t anything unique about them because all they did was follow the lemming in front.  Then you look at people and creation as a whole where there are a lot of differences.  It has made me look at plants and how each leaf is different or two giraffe have different stripes.  If you take identical twins they still have differences they are just not as noticeable as in other people.

lemming 1

Do you see yourself as unique?

Some people seem to be obviously unique because of the way they stand out from the crowd.  You have some people that seem to be lemmings, but are they?  For a long time I would have put myself in the lemming category if there was one because I just followed those around me, I didn’t see anything unique about me.  I felt that I didn’t have anything to offer that others round and about me didn’t have, so my viewpoint or skills were not required.  This I came to realize was wrong because of the uniqueness of each of us posses, we all have something to offer.

Your style is not mine.

You may have a skill that I posses, but does that make my skill any less unique?  I say not because my style and format of completing a task will be different to yours.  I am not sure if this is still the case, but a few years ago profiling using systems such as Myers-Briggs were used for this very reason to get good skill sets but unique in the way each achieved their goal so that the company was well rounded.


Unique or Lemming ?

In the above pictures you have characters that are special or stands out in the crowd, this is YOU.  You may not think or feel it but you are.  I felt for a long time that I was a lemming (please DO NOT confuse leadership with lemmings) going nowhere and at times falling off cliffs metaphorically but I came to understand what Christ meant when He said we each have a part to play and used a human body to describe it.  This showed that I might be a foot, knee, finger  or any other part of the body you can think of but I had a purpose and that purpose is unique and if I do not play my part the body is not balanced.  I urge you not to be a lemming and follow someone else because you may be following a knee and your a mouth.  Each of us one of us is special and unique in our own way.

Here are some words to describe unique or used to define unique.


Can you think of others or have something you would like to share then please feel free to comment below.


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