The In-Between, life’s waiting moments to cherish

I have been reading either on Kindle prior to release or in paperback since its arrival Jeff Goins book  The In-Between.  The title alone challenged me and made me ask questions.


The first question I asked is:

1-When was my last in-between moment?

As I sat and pondered this I realised that I was currently in an in-between period.  I have recently made the leap into the blogging world and this was my focus but I am waiting for what is to come such as evangelism and writing.  I do not where either of these will lead so I just need to be patient.

2- Was I appreciating the in-between?

At times I have appreciated the in-between but most of the time I have been tolerating it as a necessary part of life.  I know that I need to slow down and stop rushing to the next part and enjoy where I am.  Since starting the book it has made me appreciate the waiting.

I don’t know about you but when  a TV series ends on a real cliffhanger and you’ve got to wait till next year to find out what happens I would complain.  Isn’t that the in-between we need to embrace in real life.

3- How the in-between times have affected me.

Because this is something that I am still going through I cannot say 100%, but I can say it is a place to change, to grow and to learn.  Some days it can be a painful process but on other days I can be on cloud nine.  Each process has its place and without the painful, cloud nine and the seemingly mundane times it wouldn’t shape itself into being one of those ‘wow’ moments that I may have missed.

There is one instance where I now wished I had not rushed away.  I was sat in a local shopping centre in one of the shops with a coffee shop reading, checking tweets etc and noticed that time had flown and I needed to leave.  At this time the couple next to me were talking and the lady was upset.  I felt that I needed to say something but I didn’t have the time and I was also scared so I didn’t.  This incident is something that I now very much regret.  A brief in-between moment and i didn’t wait and slow down.

4- The in-between, am I better for it?

I believe I am because you learn from each of them whether they last days, weeks,months or years.  You also see more as you slow down and enjoy the moment.

5- Would I do anything differently? 

When I look back at previous in-between moments and parts of this one yes I would.  The biggest reason I was enduring the moment not enjoying it. To get the most from the moment it should be enjoyed not endured.

I haven’t finished the book yet but even with the few chapters I’ve read it is screaming “You’re still going to fast”.

In a nutshell:

nut shell

Slow down
Enjoy not endure
Wait but don’t be lazy
Don’t be scared of waiting

You may have others to add to the nutshell list please add them by using the comments section below.


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