Labels are powerful?

This week I sat and wondered what I would share because it has been a fairly typical week, too much to do and not enough hours.  Then I saw an advert for a label machine which has the tag line of ‘Labels are powerful, what does yours say?’  This gave me mixed emotions as labels are powerful but are they necessarily good.  In the extra blog I wrote this week I wrote about a label I placed on myself.


Are labels a good thing?

The label I placed on myself was not good nor constructive it placed limits on me and held me back.  It may have been easier to handle if other people had placed the label on me but they didn’t, I did.  My label was dyslexic so it wasn’t as thou it was something horrible but I let it define who I was.  It was after much searching that I realized that I was more than my label.  The Bible passage that I hung onto was ‘I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me’.  After a while I saw that Christ had more for me than my label.

If you have a label placed on you does it limit you?

You may have already noticed that my label did limit what I thought I could do and what I actually did.  Was this the fault of the label? No! It was mine, I sometimes used it as a means of escape so I didn’t have to do something, but that was in part because I thought I couldn’t and I would make a complete mess of it.  The other problem is that you may also be limiting others in the process without realizing it as your view maybe distorted due to the way you perceive as a result of the label.

Are labels a good thing?

You are probably thinking ‘she’s asked this question already and you would be right.  The question does need to be asked again because not all labels have a detrimental effect.  This is something else I learned from writing the extra blog because at the end of it I describe myself as a writer.  This is a label that has encouraged me and allowed me to broaden my view.  Other good labels I have are sister, auntie and friend.  These labels are not ones that I would what to remove.  I wouldn’t even want to remove my dyslexic label, now it doesn’t control me because I am able to help other overcome and come to terms with the disability and show that there is plenty you can do it is just done a different way.


As I continue with my labels attached my goal is to redefine my labels not to let them define or limit me.  Labels are powerful as they can push you forward but they can also hold you back.

What does your label say?

Please feel free to comment below


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