How to see change in yourself

This is an extra blog this week, as I participating in a writing contest called ‘You Are A Writer’ held by Positive Writer. This is a bit different to my recent writings and will hopefully give you an insight into the journey I have been on and still on.


The story needs to start at school where I enjoyed reading albeit not to my age level, but never had my nose out of a book. On the other hand my written English was so bad I was entered for the minimum of English exams. I excepted that I couldn’t write and it was never a problem until I started Bible college and had a problem writing the essays but also reading the books required as each essay had to have at least 5 sources. It was at this time I was officially diagnosed as dyslexic. To put it into perspective I was 37 and had the reading ability of a 13 year old and my writing ability was in the bottom 2% of the UK. After diagnosis I placed a tag on myself of dyslexic and used it as an excuse. I shied away from reading or writing anything as the tag said I couldn’t nobody although friends encouraged me greatly during this period.  After about 2-3 months of this I got over the worst of it but still saw writing as someone else’s domain.

Strengths of a Dyslexic
Strengths of a Dyslexic

A few years went by and one day I was designing the art work for some evangelism material and was looking for someone to write the content. After many months of waiting and looking for someone to write the contents I realised that the person who needed to write the content was me. I printed off a sample and the next thing I know it is being sent to the printers. Even at this point I never considered myself a writer, I was fulfilling a need.
As time went on I found myself reading and searching for information on writing with no specific purpose, or so I thought. It is during this time that I was looking to start a School of Evangelism and knew I needed a website and as I prepared the ideas flowed as to how that would work, which was great. As the preparation progressed I knew that I had to write about the journey this new step was taking me. For a many months I wouldn’t hit the publish button, but thanks to close friends I was convinced that now was the time.
As you will see I haven’t had a blog for very long but KNOW it was the right time to step out. Knowing this was I able to call myself a writer? No! because I didn’t think I had written enough to call myself a writer. Only a few days ago a friend asked me what I could see myself doing in 18 months and the only thing I was sure of was writing. I have a passion developing within me that is contrary to diagnosis and world perception.
Did I know and call myself a writer when I started on this path? Not a clue, but sought advice from those I trusted and it has brought me to where I am now. One piece of advice I would give to anyone who isn’t sure they are a writer is try, I did and pleased I did. How long have I called myself a writer for? At time of publishing it totals a week I feel like a kid with stabilizers on their push bike but at least I am riding in this case the ups and downs of the writing world. It is so early in my journey and there are days where I wonder if today I am a writer but I also know that if I don’t write there is something missing. Could I live without it? Probably, do I want to? Not if I can help it.  In the process of looking for some pictures for this I have discovered some best selling authors are dyslexic for example Lynda Le Plant, A. A. Milne and Agatha Christie to name but a few.  If they can do it why can’t you and I.

I titled it How to see change in yourself because until I wrote this I hadn’t noticed the change in me.

If there is anything that has impacted you please feel free to comment or email


2 thoughts on “How to see change in yourself

  1. I love that, that you were looking for someone to write the content, and then you realized the person who needed to write the content was “you.” It’s a wonderful thing to see change in yourself.

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