Is it Worth it?

We so often say this about many things in our lives whether it is financially worth it or if it is worth our time?

  £1-1 dollars

  • How valuable is our time?

For some people their time has a price tag to it e.g. plumbers, lawyers and other such professions as they charge per hour.  What if your time is not chargeable is it any less valuable?  I would say it is more valuable because it is your choice to use that time.

I look at some of my days and wonder what I have achieved because I had nothing to show for my efforts but then a few days later I have a lot to show for very little effort.  Why, because I was preparing and then I see the results of that preparation.

  • Do you see preparation as a waste of time or something of value?

I use to waste a lot of time in preparation as I use to lose a lot of the paperwork or would leave it behind if I was going to the office.  I now use a product called Evernote this allows me to keep everything together. I still do not use it to its full capabilities but it means I cannot leave home without my notes.

  • Is the program or system that you use working for or against you?

Time management is a huge industry and there many ways you can increase productivity but not everything works for everyone.  Find something that works and build on it.  On the way you may find the system or software you were using is no longer suitable do not stress growth is progress.

Do not see preparation or your time full stop as worthless.  It has value because something needs to be done or help is needed.  May be without your help or preparation the overall job will not get done?

Sometimes also we need to learn the word no. If we are already committed and there isn’t space in the diary say so.  I have had to learn this but it isn’t helped when you forget to put things in the diary.


The one thing I often see as a time waster is e mail as I can spend what feels like hour’s just deleting rubbish or forwarding / replying for no gain to the job in hand.  Long term it has its benefits on occasions.  There are so many things that can waste our time and something I see as a time waster isn’t to someone else.

  • How do you deal with things that waste your time?

I am learning that time is valuable and I want to use it wisely.  Do I use it wisely every day, if only but I learn from it and try to do better the next day.

How do you view your time, valuable or worthless?


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