Positive & Negative


Positive  &   Negatives

There are so many positive things in our lives but yet so many negatives things too.  How do you manage the positives and do they have an impact on the negative situations in your life?

I have no doubt at some time in your life you have been told that you cannot do something.  This is one of the simpler negatives we face but can still impact us.  When I am told you cannot do……… I say yes I can and show them changing the negative into a positive.

Can this principle be used throughout life? I try to find the positive in everything, do I succeed?  Not always but I then ask the question.

  • Is the negative really a positive?

I was recently speaking with a friend and he was saying that when Elijah was at brook Kerith most people see it as a negative but it isn’t, it is a positive.  The Lord provided food and water but also when the Lord had done His work at the brook the miracle happened.

  • Are you looking for your miracle in your situation?

Look to the one who can change your negative into a positive.  In the Bible there is a passage that says ‘all thing work for good for those who love Him’ and the other is ‘I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me’

  • Who do you lean on?

As this new season continues there have been many obstacles and challenges but they are also positives as I learn and grow because of them.  Some days I do ask the question WHY? But I see that as something that is healthy as long as you do not let it rule your day, week or months.  If you do not ask the WHY? question you may miss something that is key to the situation.  Reflection is good but do not let it become an obsession or it will become a negative not a positive.


If there are negative things in your day does it affect your whole day or do you seek to change it into a positive?

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