First Steps

Today is the first steps into this new season.  Where will they take me?

If you are taking your first steps of a new season where are they going to take you?

Is the season you are in one that you need to go through to grow you or the season you have been called to?


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I have been going through seasons and I am getting closer to the season God has called me to.  It is the first steps that have so often stopped me in the past.  I would get an idea or a task to do and……………………… nothing.

So what is different this time?

There are a number of areas of my life that are different because of the seasons.  Each one has had a purpose although I have not seen it at the time.  There have been more seasons than this but these are the key points.

1-      I am changed – This is an obvious one but it isn’t me that has instigated this change, Christ has.  In 2 Corinthians 3:18 we are made in His image being changed from glory into glory. Am I there yet?  No way, I am still running the race with a long way to go.  The seasons to come will continue to shape me and grow me, as they will you.


2-      I am called – Does that mean I have received a phone call to say “this is what I want you to do next”?  If only, it makes everything a lot simpler but what would that have taught me?  Do I know exactly what I am called to do?  No but as these steps become many so will the details.  I know all will be revealed as I trust in Christ.  You may not know details but as you go through the seasons they will be revealed just trust and believe.

3-      My passion – I have never been particularly passionate about anything until a few years ago when I realised that I wanted to see people come into a relationship with Christ. When there is passion there is drive to get things done.  Passion is possibly the most important of the 3.  The reason I say this is because without passion and drive what will it matter whether you are changed or called if the passion to fulfil them both is not there.

The passion within me is ever increasing as I change and see the calling unfold, but as I see people turn to Christ and fulfil their potential.

We have many first steps in our lives and they are not always a success.  As a child we start to take steps then fall, we get up and try again.

Where are your first steps taking you?

Please comment below as to your first steps or something you are passionate about.


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