The Start of a New Season

A New Season

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This is something I have struggled with because everything in me says “I am comfortable as I am” BUT I know there is more.  I have had to ask myself a few questions as to why I need to move into this new season.

The questions I asked are:

1. Is it what Christ wants for my life?

This is always my first port of call in any decision making as He knows me better than I know myself and always has good things for me.

2. Because others are moving forward?

I also had to ask if I was making these changes because others around me were making some big changes.

3. For what purpose?

There is no point making changes for change’s sake.  There needs to be purpose behind it.  Is there purpose in what I am going to do?

4. Age?

Is age a factor or am I using that as an excuse?

I have asked these questions of myself and also close friends and I know NOW is the right time to step out into new things.  It is very daunting but I have a friend who will never leave me and is with me every step of the way.  It is with His help and guidance that I achieve all He has called me to do.

The human part of me is terrified but the spiritual side is at peace.  This is how I know it is right.

How do you know it is right to move forward into the new season in your life?

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